Beginners guide to Zoma Mattress from

Zoma mattress is an affordable all-foam mattress. It’s more reasonable than an average mattress and has a different design from the memory foam mattress. Here is a basic introduction to Zoma Mattress. If you want to dive more deeply, you can visit for more details. 

Construction of Zoma Mattress

Zoma mattress is all foam mattress, and it consists of three layers. Its construction is standard. Many online available foams have different layers. However, Zoma Foam has some unique layers. It consists of

  • Triangulex zoned memory foam as a first layer (It provides stability due to its thickness)
  • Reactiv Response Transition foam as a sandwich layer (It’s for supporting and act as a transition in bed)
  • Support foam at the last ( Uniqueness of Zoma Foam, delivers pressure relief and support)

It comes with elegant fabric cover, and its surface is one of the coolest ones we’ve ever seen. 

How Zoma Matress Feels:

Zoma mattress feels soft due to the memory foam layer on the top, and further two layers added more to it. Zoma mattress feels softer when a person is sleeping in a side position. However, it is perfect if you sleep on your back as it has a firm central zone and takes the body’s shape. Zoma also provides relief on shoulders by delivering pressure relief. It’s not a good option to sleep on your stomach as it does not give enough firmness. Due to its 2 inches memory foam layer, it is not a super smooth experience.

Considering Edge Support

Being an all-foam mattress, Zoma is not able to provide the best edge support. To use a complete mattress edge support is necessary; however, it lacks in Zoma Mattress. If you sit on the corner, you might feel like you going to fall.

Overweight People

Zoma mattress is not the right choice for the heavier sleeper, and they have a completely different experience with it. The thin, comfortable layer may not be able to provide enough pressure relief to a person. Here, we can say that it’s a drawback of Zoma mattress that it only provides 2″ of the comfort layer. Obese people may sink into the bed and hit the lower firm layers, which result in real discomfort.

Conclusion: Zoma mattress comes up featuring zoned construction offering relaxed sleep to back and side sleepers. It also goes smoothly if you have to share your bed. People with light or medium weight complete support and comfort on Zoma. Overweighed people will undoubtedly face some problems and don’t meet the comfort zone they have been searching for. However, Zoma mattress is affordable, have a beautiful design and can support you for a long time.